About Us - The Designer

The contemporary line celebrates a brand of eternally elegant separates in western and indo-western interpretations for both men and women. The emphasis is on structure and classic elements are incorporated for both day and evening wear to create a contemporary wardrobe with a timeless edge. The embellishments are subtle and colours muted. There is an almost effortless engineering of shapes and silhouettes that have become synonymous with his masterful ease. Although the creations are high on impact, they endorse restraint and quality of the highest order.

Every Shahab Durazi garment in distinctive in design and treatment. The emphasis is always on classic clothing with a contemporary twist. There is an indefinable attention to detail and quality, while his philosophy has always been partisan to sophisticated elegance and radical chic. The clothes are cut superbly and the minimalist approach finds favour with the classic dressser. The clever infusion of Indian elements in western silhouettes has rendered the brand an obvious choice not only for discerning Indians but also a favourite with international buyers who are intrigued by the plebian treatment to western options.

The colour story at Shahab Durazi, although predominantly neutral, has also dabbled in vibrancy. Although black, ecru, bone, brown and navy remain staples at Durazi, olive greens, ruby reds, mauve, amethyst, teal, topaz and aubergine have also spoken a new language for die-hard Durazi loyalists.

Although silk has been favoured for evening wear with duchess satin, georgettes, iridescent chiffons, organza, gazar, failles, crepes and shantungs as hot favourites, other fabrics include cashmere, angora, boucle tweeds, chenille tweeds, wool crepe, camel hair and gabardine.

The collection is tailored to structured excellence that is come to be synonymous with Durazi. The approach is cautiously classical and almost never deviates from the essence of minimalism. The clothes are contemporary in feel and the silhouettes remain puritanical.

The Shahab Durazi clientele is comprehensive, albeit matured. The styling has an urbane appeal and the sartorial elements of tailoring are prevalent in the minutest details in a wide range of clothing from structured suits to flowing evening gowns. It is this very attention to detail that catches the eye of the discerning Durazi client. The collection is patronised for its stark simplicity and cutting edge style. The prevalence of structure is evident in every element of his trademark style.